We understand that these are worrying and unsettling times for everybody, both personally and professionally. Please be assured that we have been working hard for some time to mitigate any effect the Coronavirus might have on our service whilst following and reacting to all Government guidance in order to reduce the spread of the virus and protect our staff and the wider community.

As a business ourselves, we are not immune to the effects of the virus control measures that are affecting you. Our priorities are to look after our staff and to continue to serve our customers to the best of our ability. We are working closely with all our Water Wholesalers who also have plans in place to ensure that their services continue at the highest level throughout these uncertain times. You should continue to contact your Wholesaler directly for any water quality and supply interruption concerns.

If your business has closed, we recommend you isolate your supply by turning off your internal stop tap to protect against any leaks and that you take a reading of your water meter if you know its location and it is safe to do so. If this is the case, please fill in the form below to make us aware.

In line with the latest Customer Protection Code of Practice and in particular around support for our customers currently affected by Covid-19 we have published our Covid-19 Repayment Scheme. This details our payment arrangements for customers that are affected by Covid-19 and how we have classified customers as affected and therefore their eligibility to the repayment options.

This details which customers we classify as being:

  • Fully Impacted Customers
  • Partially impacted Customers
  • Non Impacted Customers

Fully impacted Customers will not be:

  • Served disconnection notices for non payment of bills
  • Subject to default interest for the non payment of invoices issued from1 June 2020
  • Subject to enforcement for the non payment of invoices

Please fill out the form below if your business has been partially or fully impacted by COVID-19 to advise us of your current situation and what we can do to assist you.

Please include all 10 digits
Please include at least one form of contact detail
Please include at least one form of contact detail

e.g. have you been asked to close by the government?


Please note, you MUST advise us when the business reopens and water usage returns to normal. You can do this by emailing customerservices@camwbusiness.co.uk