Trade effluent advice and application

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Nature of business conducted at this location

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Characteristics of your trade effluent

The following questions relate to the trade effluent that you will be discharging

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  • a. Possible/s sampling point/s
  • b. Point of connection to the Public Sewer

We may need to use the information you have provided to prepare an application for Consent to Discharge of Trade Effluent and will shortly send a draft version of this to you for your comments. This will control the effluent to protect the sewerage system and sewage purification processes and the wholesaler who maintain and operate them, and ensure that the products of sewage treatment do not have a detrimental effect on water resources and the environment.

These particulars are delivered to the Company to enable the proposed discharge of trade effluent to be considered. The particulars are not intended to be and shall not be construed as a Trade Effluent Notice under the Water Industry 1991.

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