Coronavirus (COVID-19) Customer Statement

06 Jul 2020

As a business ourselves, we are not immune to the effects of the virus control measures that are affecting you. As Government restrictions ease our priorities are still to look after our staff and to continue to serve our customers to the best of our ability. We are working closely with all our Water Wholesalers who also have plans in place to ensure that their services continue at the highest level throughout Covid-19 and  also with the UK experiencing dry weather and surging domestic usage. You should continue to contact your Wholesaler directly for any water quality and supply interruption concerns and we will keep in contact with you concerning any wholesaler guidance. If you are opening your business, with so much focus upon keeping your employees and customers safe, please ensure you take steps to ensure the water on site is also safe to use.

We have been operating under the following principles:

  1. Keeping our employees, customers and the communities we serve safe
  2. Maintaining a comprehensive service to our customers to both help and advise
  3. Accurately reflecting our customers trading status to suspend charges where possible and to provide accurate bills
  4. Lobbying and actively participating in consultations with regulators to achieve the best outcomes for our customers and the water market in general
As Government restrictions ease and businesses begin to reopen we wish every one of our customers a safe return to work and to a swift recovery of their business. We are 100% behind you. The following tips may be useful as you return to work.
  • With 100% of our staff working from home, the best and safest contact method for us is now email rather than phone or post. Please use
  • You can find details of how to read your meter and where to send them on the following link.
  • As we are still isolating our staff with only occasional office visits please can all payments be made via electronic means rather than cheques which need handling. Our different ways to pay can be found here.
  • Register for My Account which allows you to manage your account online. This allows you to manage your contact details (important if you have key people working from new places) and sending us meter reads etc. You can register here.
  • Consider signing up for Direct Debit. This will help you manage your payments and spread the cost of your bills in manageable monthly amounts
  • With so much focus rightly being applied to keeping employees and customers safe please don’t forget to ensure that if you are reopening your business you ensure that your water is safe to use. The following steps will be useful in helping to keep you and your customers safe