Dual Tariff Offers for Combining your Water and Wastewater Bills


Are you fed up of having two water related bills when you can have one? Didn’t know you could switch and save?

At Cambridge Water Business, we already look after your water billing and customer service but your wastewater is managed by another company. If you decide to combine services with us, you can save both time and money. Here are just a few reasons as to why you might want to think about it:

  • Save money - Switch and start saving on your combined water and wastewater retail charges immediately
  • Price freeze - Your retail charge will not increase for the entire length of your contract – even 5 years
  • Longevity – We are part of the Pennon Group and are here to stay. We will not switch you and then sell your business onto somebody else
  • Simple - 1 easy to understand accurate bill, 1 telephone number to call if you need help and 1 payment date
  • No upfront payment - We will only charge you for the services you use when you have used them
  • Save more money – Additional discounts are available the longer you sign up for:


Since 2014 we have saved businesses over £4m by reducing their usage. We understand water and we understand how it can be used more efficiently from water efficiency devices to smart meters and boreholes.

It doesn’t matter what you use water for or how important it is to your business, we can help. We look after over 160,000 business accounts so why not join the growing ranks of businesses who trust us to manage all of their water needs.

Say yes, and we’ll do the rest!

We take care of the entire switching process. Sign up to combine your services with us and we will notify your wastewater retailer who will raise a closing bill. You will then have saved and simplified. To start saving all you need to do is fill in the form below:

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